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Natural Bento lunch box with utensils and thermal bag


 100% Natural, rice husk, double layered lunch box with insulated felt bag. This spacious bag keep food either hot or cold.  The lunch box can handle up to 1.2 L and is non toxic and is microwave, dishwasher and freezer.

 safe. The bottom of the lunch box has a vacuum seal as well as a steam outlet

Poop bags and scoop


Biodegradable bags with poop scoop. Clever No touch poop scoop with 25, compostable bags. Don't touch poop ever again. The poop scoop is made from quality plastic and  the mouth opens wider than normal to pick up bigger poops. Roll fits into standard bag dispensers. 

New Invention - Grip & Go cargo organizer blocks


We also bring you new innovations. Certain products just can't be placed in a cargo net in your boot. Cargo block don't always work as it tends to tip over. The solution are these cargo Grip & Go blocks.

100% (6)Natural Raffia place mats with matching holder


Natural Earthy toned with Silver treading. Colorfast. Hand washable, heat, leak and slip resistant